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For over 20 years Simpaul Travel has been organizing football travel packages for football fans worldwide. We have brought thousands to see some of the most spectacular matches and exotic venues across the entire planet. Events are professionally escorted by Simpaul Travel staff who ensure the success of the trips on-site. We offer a wide range of packages and services for football fanatics, media, players, families, administrators, travel agents, professionals, globetrotters and corporate clientele. Our deluxe packages can include airfare, accommodations, ground transportation (to and from airports, stadiums & cities), superbly located match tickets, guided sightseeing city tours, on-site hospitality, celebrity guest appearances, official football gift packages, Simpaul Travel parties, pre-sent informational itinerary packets and much much more.

Bringing together football fans, media, players, player's families, administrators, corporate clients and globetrotters creates an atmosphere where everyone in the national and global football community can socialize for hours about the game and meet many new football-loving friends and experience the vacation of a lifetime. Simpaul Travel customers point to security, the football knowledgeable staff, fun atmosphere, preparation, match seating, affordability, tour add-ons, customization, attention to detail, comfort and the social environment as the main reasons for returning trip after trip. Keeping our customers happy has guaranteed Simpaul Travel one of the highest client retention rates in the industry.

We have continued a 100% delivery policy for over 20 years now, guaranteeing every one of our clients the packages we offer. We have this success rate because we never under any circumstances offer packages we cannot deliver.

Simpaul Travel is the "Official Travel Package Provider" and partner of the TTFF. This means a percentage of every package bought from our company goes directly back into the game, to help continue it's future growth and success.

We are not a travel agency that does football, we are a football company that happens to work in the travel industry. Our Staff includes some very passionate and football knowledgeable people.