West Indies Cricket Team For England

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Jamaica Gleaner

Capt. Cutteridge of Trinidad Gives Interesting Interview in Mother Country

The English Sporting Life of the 24th of March published the following:—

Capt. J. O. Cutteridge, Assistant Director of Education at Trinidad, and an enthusiastic sportsman, is in England on holiday, and has given to "The Sporting Life" interesting details of the growth of sport in the West Indies.


But great as has been the growth and improvement of cricket in the islands, its progress has not been far ahead of the enthusiasm for Association football. One of Capt. Cutteridge's missions in this country is to lay before the Football Association a request for the visit of a representative touring team composed of amateurs and professionals—in the near future.

"We have a very enthusiastic body of footballers," said Capt. Cutteridge, who is a member of the Council of the Trinidad A.F.A., "but they have a lot to learn. They have speed and individual ability, but it is in team work and the inculcation of the team spirit that they need instruction.


"The only standard which we have to judge by," he said, "is the visit of teams from the Fleet, such as Hood and Repulse, and in Trinidad we have always managed to beat them. We should now like to measure our strength against a better combination, and though we may not yet be equal to the task, we should get instruction in the finer points of the game, and the native footballer is very quick to learn."

Naturally, any visiting team will be handicapped by the climate. All football games in Trinidad are played in the early evening in the period of the wet season—July to December—but even then the temperature is about 85 in the shade.

Lieut.-Col. Impey, at one time in command of the battalion of the Sussex Regiment on the island, and Capt. Cutteridge were instrumental in augurating a referees' association, and another stalwart in the campaign for better-class football in Trinidad has been Hugh Thom, the former Queen's Park (Glasgow) left back.