Patsy Hendren On Holiday In Trinidad

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Jamaica Gleaner

Brings His Wife With Him On Her First Visit To The West Indies
The Coming Tour
Discusses Whom The Team May Be Composed Of; Is Warmly Welcomed

(By Air Mail to The Gleaner.)

The "Trinidad Guardian" of November 15 says:

Elias (Patsy) Hendren, the veteran English cricketer stepped ashore from a motor launch which brought him from the Royal Netherlands liner Costa Rica yesterday morning looking the picture of good health and bubbling over with exuberance.

Hendren who has returned to the Colony after a lapse of four years on a short holiday was accompanied by his wife who is making her first visit to the West Indies.

This versatile athlete who has earning his "Caps" for England in both International Cricket and Football was give a cordial welcome by the assembly who immediately recognised him.

Interviewed by a representative of the "Trinidad Guardian" at the Queen's Park Hotel, Mr. Hendren said:

"I am in Trinidad for a short holiday because I simply love this island. I hope my wife will love it too.

"I shall be pleased to referee the Gilbert Skinner Cup game on Saturday next between the teams representing the Trinidad Amateur Football Association and the Southern Amateur Football League.

"In 1919 I played for England against Wales at outside right. I was then a member of the Brentford team and I have been playing first class football ever since until seven seasons ago.

"I first played football at the age of 17½ years.

"I have never found any difficulty in kicking with either foot. I first played at Inside Left then I played Outside Left and finally played Outside Right for England.