Beyond the Boundary

Cyril Lionel Robert James
Date Published: 
Beyond the Boundary
10-11, 15

Chapter 1: The Window


Perhaps it was all because the family cottage was opposite to the recreation ground, or because we were in a British colony and, being active people, gravitated naturally towards sport. My brother never played any games to speak of, but as a young man he gave some clerical assistance to the secretary of the local Football Association. In time he became the secretary. He took Trinidad football teams all over the West Indies and he was invited to England by the Football Association to study football organization. I met him in the United States trying to arrange for an American soccer team to visit Trinidad. In 1954 he brought the first team from the West Indies to play football in England, and before he left arranged for an English team to visit the West Indies. He has at last succeeded in organizing a West Indies Football Association, of which he is the first secretary.


Some time ago I saw in a West Indian newspaper that the very week that final decisions were being taken about West Indian Federation in Jamaica, my younger brother was also in Jamaica, putting finishing touches to the West Indian Football Association. A few years ago he was appointed the chief accountant of Josh's Trinidad Government Railway--as far as I know, the first coloured man to hold that post.