Welcome to the Trinidad & Tobago Football History website, a window into the twin islands' footballing past. Though far from complete it covers over 100 years of the sport with a collection of stories, newspaper articles and clippings, and photos from as far back as 1904.

From the first inter-colonial matches to the Martinez Shield Tournaments in the 20's to the first tour to Jamaica in 1935/36 to the visit by the English FA team in the 50's, to players going pro in the NPSL and NASL in the 60's and the exploits at Howard University in the 70's up to more recent times, there's a little bit of everything to be found. At present the focus is on before the year 2000. For current news please visit the excellent fan site www.socawarriors.net.

More material is constantly being added, the most recent of which can be accessed with the "recently added" link on the left. Changes and enhancements to website functionality along with major additions in content will be noted in the "what's new" link above. Old articles and pictures are being sought, and if you'd like to contribute please use the contact form (link also at the top).

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