Soccer Sojourn: Champion HU kickers on tour of Jamaica

Art Carter
Date Published: 
Baltimore Afro-American

MIAMI — "We're bad, we're bad. We know it, and now we've got to show it."

That was the jingle that jubilant Howard University soccer champions continually shouted in their bus as they returned to their hotel after winning the NCAA soccer championship.

It was gay, joyful group despite the fact that at least three of them were hobbling with leg injuries, another still bothered by a high fever, and another (Winston Yallery-Arthur) sporting adhesive tape across his right shoulder.

He was forced out of the game in the third period when he hit the turf rather hard and dislocated his shoulder. Doctor taped him up and he returned to the bench, but did not play any more that night.

Al Henderson's father, Horace Henderson, who was in the stands to see his son play, is an international soccer referee in Trinidad. He has worked the Pan American Games.

The Howard players had little complaint about the artificial turf, although it was the first time they had played competitively on it.

A little confusion developed for Howard during the first half as the game officials wore black shirts, almost identical to Howard's dark blue.

This was remedied in the last half, however, as the officials came out with black and white striped shirts and everybody was happy.

Miami was a madhouse with Alabama and Nebraska teams and supporters jammed into every hotel, motel and beachhouse available, plus the normal holiday tourists and football fans who were here for the Baltimore Colts-Miami Dolphins NFL playoff contest.

This marked the first time the NCAA has started its soccer championship in Florida, but it is now booked for the next two years as part of the Orange Bowl Week festivities.

Howard's team left Friday for Jamaica where it will play a series of games before returning to Washington on Jan. 9.