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1972-12-24Furness Win LeagueTapia
1973-04-08Leroy DeLeonTapia
1973-04-08Warren ArchibaldTapia
1973-04-15Everald "Gally" CummingsTapia
1973-06-10Ebonites vs ConsolTapia
1972-09-17T.T.T. - through the eyes of the peopleTapia
1973-09-29English Coach Kevin VerityTapia
1973-08-12Eddie Hart League Opening 1973Tapia
1973-08-26Eddie Hart League openingTapia
1973-09-16No rent for Lever groundTapia
1973-10-07Eddie Hart victoryTapia
1973-12-23E.H.F.L. prize winnersTapia
1974-01-27Trinidad vs ValenciaTapia
1974-06-30QRC Oldsters stage comebackTapia
1974-12-15St. Augustine League Ends SeasonTapia
1976-07-25Malvern vs Robin HoodTapia
1976-08-08Sport$ millions too little, too lateTapia
1976-08-08Eddie Hart League openingTapia
1976-08-08Eddie Hart League openingTapia
1976-10-24No chance at all in World CupTapia
1976-10-24Alvin CornealTapia
1972-12-03Laventille KO OpensTapia
1972-11-05Football League Opens In LaventilleTapia
1972-11-05Success VillageTapia