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1999-01-26Apoya Jack Warner a Joseph BlatterRaúl LunaMural
1999-01-26President Jack Warner leads delegation to
1999-02-06FIFA's Warner Gives Nigeria Green LightJamaica Gleaner
1999-03-12Fifa threat over youth tournamentBBC
1999-03-21Mystery of the brown envelopesDenis CampbellUK Observer
1999-07-02Football: Cooper throws doubt on United's decisionThe Independent
1999-09-21Warner: No CompromiseJamaica Gleaner
1999-12-07World Cup TV monopoly at an endThe Independent
1999-12-24Warner Seeks FIFA FundsJamaica Gleaner
2000-01-04FIFA Vice-President Jack A.
2000-02-27FIFA President Attended The Final Of Gold Cup
2000-03-04The World Cup starts todayBC PiresUK Guardian
2000-04-02Beckenbauer Takes German Bid To WarnerJamaica Gleaner
2000-08-06Britain's hold on Fifa is slippingHerman MillerUK Guardian
2000-09Jack Austin
2001-02-24World Cup 2002 Hexagaonal PreviewRidge
2001-08-10FIFA under pressure on Caribbean
2001-08-19CSTN tell lawyers to actMark PouchetTrinidad Express
2001-10-22Semtor Provides Soccer Fans Self-Service Game StatsBusiness Wire
2001-10-22Caribbean question turns Sepp into silent typeAndrew
2001-10-29Choppy Waters In
2002-03-05FIFA set to question BlatterJohnny
2002-04-21Fifa Chief ThreatenedThe Sunday Herald