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1965-03-23Independence soccer spectacular plannedJamaica Gleaner
1965-06-26Trinidad for Independence soccer tiltJamaica Gleaner
1965-06-27Jamaica name 18 for Independence soccer tiltJamaica Gleaner
1965-07-13It'll be Jamaica, Trinidad, ArsenalJamaica Gleaner
1965-07-16Trinidad name soccer captain, invite 22Jamaica Gleaner
1965-07-24Coming with ArsenalJamaica Gleaner
1965-07-25Independence Football FestivalJamaica Gleaner
1965-07-26Coming with ArsenalJamaica Gleaner
1965-07-27Arsenal due Saturday, SundayJamaica Gleaner
1965-07-28The programme for independence soccerJamaica Gleaner
1965-07-28Independence Football FestivalJamaica Gleaner
1965-07-28Coming with ArsenalJamaica Gleaner
1965-07-29Independence Football FestivalJamaica Gleaner
1965-07-29Trinidad may play St. JamesJamaica Gleaner
1965-07-29Coming with ArsenalJamaica Gleaner
1965-07-30Coming with ArsenalJamaica Gleaner
1965-07-31Arsenal start arriving todayJamaica Gleaner
1965-08-01Sports Editor's DiaryKeith BrownJamaica Gleaner
1965-08-01Ten Arsenal players, officials hereJamaica Gleaner
1965-08-03Independence Football FestivalJamaica Gleaner
1965-08-04Arsenal Top Trinidad 3-1Jamaica Gleaner
1965-08-05The old rivals meet againJamaica Gleaner
1965-08-06Local squad trounce Trinidad 4-0Jamaica Gleaner
1965-08-07Jamaica tackle Arsenal tonightJamaica Gleaner
1965-08-08Sports Editor's DiaryKeith BrownJamaica Gleaner