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1927-10-11Soccer Squad, 14 Strong, Leaves For West PointHarvard Crimson
1927-10-15Amherst Soccer Team Plays Concord ElevenHarvard Crimson
1927-10-17Amherst Soccer Team Conquers Crimson, 4-2Harvard Crimson
1927-10-21Crimson Soccer Team Combats Green TodayHarvard Crimson
1927-10-31Weakened Soccer Team Takes Williams ScalpHarvard Crimson
1927-11-04Injured Booters Are Back For Penn ContestHarvard Crimson
1927-11-05Strong Soccer Eleven Encounters Penn TodayHarvard Crimson
1927-11-07Penn Finds Single Goal Enough To Win In SoccerHarvard Crimson
1927-11-14University Wins Easily From Brown SocceristsHarvard Crimson
1927-11-15Crimson Soccer Term To Invade M.I.T. TodayHarvard Crimson
1927-11-16University And M.I.T. In Soccer Deadlock, 1-1Harvard Crimson
1927-11-22Booters Pick Stollmeyer To Lead 1928 AggregationHarvard Crimson
1928-03-13Spring Soccer Season To Begin Tomorrow EveningHarvard Crimson
1928-10-03Changes In Schedule Of Soccer AnnouncedHarvard Crimson
1928-10-08Soccer Team Emerges Victor In Opening TiltHarvard Crimson
1928-10-24Clark University To Oppose Soccer TeamHarvard Crimson
1928-10-25Clark University Bows Before Crimson AttackHarvard Crimson
1928-10-26University Booters Oppose Strong Dartmouth ElevenHarvard Crimson
1928-10-27Green Soccer Eleven Repels Crimson RushHarvard Crimson
1928-11-07M. I. T. Soccer Team Bows To University BootersHarvard Crimson
1928-11-14University Soccer Team Meets Springfield TodayHarvard Crimson
1928-11-15Soccer Eleven Downed By Springfield TeamHarvard Crimson
1928-11-17Crimson Soccer Men Engage Syracuse On New York FieldHarvard Crimson
1928-11-19Crimson Soccer Team Halted In 1 To 1 TieHarvard Crimson
1928-11-26Two University Soccer Teams Defeated By YaleHarvard Crimson